Bauer BM Series Monorail Geared Motor

Three Phase Bevel Geared Motors For Driving Machine and Equipment Of All Types.

Bauer geared motors have been used in material handling for more than 20 years to drive monorail overhead conveyors. The BM gear motor is an ideal solution for floor conveyors. The clutch lever is always on the “L” side of the gear motor, the side opposite the motor. This enables the gear motor to be designed with an output shaft on both sides, which also allows it to be used as a drive for floor conveyors.

Reliable operation even in hostile environments. The drives are supplied with IP65 degree of protection as standard. This is a great advantage for operation in dusty environments. Low-noise operation. The noise emission from two-ratio gear motors is lower than three-ratio motors with the same ratios. The first gear wheel, which is primarily responsible for noise, has a smaller diameter than three-ratio models. Low operating costs. Gear motor size BM09 in the load range to approx. 2000 kg has worm gears for the first ratio and spur wheels for the second ratio. The specially developed worm gears with very low ratios provide very high efficiency, similar to that of bevel gear drives.

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    Gearbox Torque Up to 108 Nm -
    Radial Force Up to 6,500 N -
    Gearbox Installation Versatile possibilities -
    Gearbox Gearing Noise Low -
    Gearbox Lubrication Change After 15,000 hrs -
    Motors Connection Standard CAGE CLAMP® -
    Brakes Application and performance optimized brake range Maintenance friendly design


    Motor Mains 110 V … 690 V, 50/60 Hz -
    Standards CE-Mark, UL, CCC, CSA, ATEX, GOST, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 Motors according to EN 60034
    Motor Power 0.06 kW … 5,5 kW -


    Gearbox Enclosure Complete enclosed, sealed against dust and water spray -
    Motor Enclosure IP65 (standard) IP66 (optional)
    Brakes Enclosure IP65 (standard) -
    Corrosion Protection COR01, COR02, COR03 -


    Benefits - -
    A complete range of geared motors for light and heavy load monorail applications -
    Flexibile mounting on the running gear -
    Improved efficiency - lower energy consumption - ideal as traveling drives -
    Reverse motion of the gearbox is possible -
    - -
    Radial Force Up to 25,000 N -
    Torques From 30 Nm up to 680 Nm -


    Options Connection with plug connectors -


    For light and heavy load monorail applications -
    Overhead Conveyors -
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    Overhead Conveyors (Bauer Gear Motors | BM Series)

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