APEM NV Series

Enhanced Tactile Feedback in 4 Directions Plus Pushbutton.

The APEM NV series is a brand new 4 or 5-direction switch-based joystick (4 directions + pushbutton). Contrary to most navigators currently on the market, the NV series provides enhanced tactile feedback in 4 directions plus pushbutton. This results in improved haptics and extremely precise control associated with a compact size (bushing dia. 16 mm). With its chrome plated metal case and IP69K sealing level, the NV series withstands all types of adversity including water, frost, dust, sand, and hydrocarbons. Designed for the harshest environments, the NV series is extremely robust and maintains its tactile effect even during excessive shock or vibrations.

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    Life 1 million cycles per direction -
    Angular Travel 12° -
    Pushbutton Travel 1,5 mm -
    Operating Force Directions: 4 N ± 1 N Pushbutton: 11 N ± 2 N
    Panel Thickness 1 to 10 mm (.039 to .393) -
    Torque 2 Nm min. applied to nut -
    Mechanical Strength The switch can withstand a force of 100 N applied in any directions -


    Electrical Function 4 or 5 momentary NO -
    Max. Current/Voltage Rating With resistive load: 50mA 12Vdc -
    Electrical Life at Full Load 1,000,000 cycles per direction 1,000,000 cycles per pushbutton
    Output Molex 6 pin connector (Ref: 53398-0671) Mating connector Molex 51021-0600


    Front Panel Sealing IP69K according to DIN 40050-9 IP67 according to IEC 60529
    Shock Resistance Per IEC 60068-2-27 3 sinusoidal impulse 300m/s² 18ms on 3 axis
    Vibrations (random, 3 axis) Per IEC 60068-2-64 10-350Hz
    Vibrations (sinus) Per IEC 60068-2-6 10-200Hz / 20m / s², dwell period 30 minutes
    Salt Spray 96 h per IEC 60068-2-11/KA -
    Damp Heat Per IEC 68-2-78 40°C 93% HR 10 days
    Cold and Dry Heat, Temperature Shock Per IEC 68-2-14/Na −40°C to +85°C - 10 cycles
    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +65°C -


    Distinctive Features: - -
    Positive tactile feedback in all directions -
    Sealed to IP69K -
    Compact and low profile -
    Robust: shock, vibration and salt spray resistant -
    Two actuator shapes -
    Numerous actuator colors -


    Materials: - -
    Sealing gasket: elastomer -
    Case: Brass, black chrome plated -
    Actuator: ABS -
    Lever: steel -
    Nut: brass, black chrome plated -
    Applications: - -
    Military joysticks -
    Unmanned vehicle controllers -
    Remote weapon systems -
    Professional radio remote controls -
    Multifunction grips in heavy duty vehicles -
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