APEM BL Series

Single-Axis Paddle, 48 mm Above Panel, Available in Five Colors.

The APEM BL series paddle controls feature the same exciting new design as the BH Series, but in a smaller package… measuring at just 48mm above panel. The compact footprint of the paddles allows for closer group installation of multiple paddles, perfect in applications such as vehicle armrests, remote control portable boxes and various agricultural applications.

Miniature Paddle Joystick Controllers.

The brand new mechanism design has been developed for strength and long life while retaining a superb feel.
The lever springs back to the center position when released.
The paddle is fitted, as standard, with an industry standard 2.54mm pitch 8-way connector.

Main Features: Hall-effect joystick and switch function, sculpted ergonomic rubber grip, 5V operation – standard dual redundant outputs, Analog or PWM outputs, custom lever colors & designs available, IP67 sealed EMC shielded.


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    Operating Angle ± 30° -
    Life Cycles 10 million cycles -
    Lever Soft touch Color options


    Gain (output voltage span) ±10% x V to ±50% x V -
    Output at Center V/2 ± (5% x Gain) -
    Power Supply 5V ±0.5V Transient free -
    Switch Outputs Open Drain, pulled high within paddle control via 1K5 to 5V, and smoothed to 0V with 100nF -
    Sensor Type Hall-effect -
    Current Consumption <20mA -
    Loads Minimum 10K, preferred 100K+ -
    PWM Frequency Range 100Hz to 1KHz -


    Operating Temperature Range −25°C to +70°C (-13°F to 185°F) -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F) -
    Environmental Protection IP67 sealed Seal Above Panel: IP67 Dust & Water Ingress - to BS EN60529:1992+A2:2013
    - -
    *Ref. to literature for more information -


    Body PA -
    Actuator PA & PC -
    Rubber Grip TPE -


    Configuration -
    Gain -
    Detail color -
    Switching points -

    Features & Benefits

    Hall-effect joystick and switch function -
    Sculpted ergonomic rubber grip -
    5V operation - standard dual redundant outputs -
    Analog or PWM outputs -
    Custom lever colors & designs available -
    IP67 sealed shielded -
    Damp Heat – BS EN 60068-2-78:2002 Test Cab 21 days exposure @ +85°C 85%RH -
    Salt Spray – BS EN 60068-2-11:1999 Test Ka 48 hours exposure @ +35°C with 5% NaCl -


    Mobile -


    Vehicle Armrests -
    Remote Control Portable Boxes -
    Agricultural Applications -
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