High-Security Emergency Stop.

An emergency stop switch with exclusive “built-in-safety” design. Certified to the highest safety standards: UL 508, CSA 22.2, EN 60947-5-5 and EN 60547-5-1. For dia. 22 mm panel cut-out. Easy to mount and operate. The illuminated version available. The APEM A02ES-H series has been designed to ensure the highest security level. By design, this product has a failsafe modular construction.
Many other emergency stop switches are not failsafe and rely on butt action contacts: the NC contacts remain closed until the actuator is pressed. Therefore, if the switch is damaged, destroyed or assembled incorrectly, the contacts remain closed. On the A02ES-H, if the operator or switch block become separated, the circuit will open.

Main features include:

  • High security: no risk of accident in the assembly and maintenance phases
  • Push to lock, pull or twist to release
  • Current/voltage rating: AC-12, 3A 250VAC / DC-12, 2A 30VDC
  • Panel sealed to IP65
  • Mechanical life: 250,000 cycles
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Push to Shut Off 32 N -
Pull to Release 21 N -
Turn to Release 0,27 Nm -
Minimum Force to Direct Opening Action 80 N -
Low Level or Mechanical Life 250.000 cycles -


Electrical Function Push to shut-off, pull or twist to release -
- -
Current / Voltage Rating - NC Contacts - -
AC-12, 3A 250VAC -
AC-15, 1,5A 250VAC -
DC-12, 2A 30V -
DC-13, 1A 30V -
- -
Current / Voltage Rating - NO Contacts - -
AC12, 0,6A 250VAC -
AC14, 0,3A 250VAC -
DC12, 2A 30V / 1A 30V -
- -
Electrical Life 100.000 cycles -
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ min. -
Dielectric Strength Contact block 2,500 Vms -
Contacts Gold plated silver -


Front Panel Sealing IP65 -
Terminals IP20 (finger safe) -
Operating Temperature -25°C to +60°C -
Storage Temperature -45°C to +80°C -


Panel Thickness 6 mm (.236) max. -
Low Level or Mechanical Life 250.000 cycles -
Recommended Torque 2Nm -
Switch Terminals M3 screws -
- -
Materials - -
Contacts Gold plated silver
- -
Feature and Benefits - -
Includes automatic disconnect from power supply in cases of operator damage or switch block separation, reducing risk of accident if switch is damaged, destroyed or assembled incorrectly -
For applications where safety levels are particularly high and significantly regulated, including material handling equipment, off-road vehicles and industrial automation -
Panel sealed up to IP65 -
Provides optional backlit illumination -
Available in double pole, normally closed or double pole, normally closed + single pole, normally open -
- -
Options - -
Mounting accessories -


Industrial -
Mobile -


Cab Operator Interface -


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