A Minimalistic Yet Efficient User Experience | In the Cab | Operator Interface

Operator interface designs are becoming more streamlined due to increased digitalization while also improving usability for machine operators.

November 28, 2018, Retrieved from OEM Off-Highway by Sara Jensen

As digitization continues to transform the heavy-duty vehicle and equipment industry—seen through increased use of telematics, electronics, and automation—it is having an effect on the components within the operator cab, specifically the human-machine interface (HMI).

OEM Off-Highway Operator Interface Mark Torbett 12-2018

The Consumer Influence

Mark Torbett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GS Global Resources Inc., says the automotive industry’s move toward touch screens and smartphone connectivity have increased similar in-cab experiences within the off-highway market. “Demand for active touch screens that interface seamlessly with machine controls has never been greater and will continue to expand into new areas of technology-enabled functionality,” says Torbett. “All of this is possible as technology cost within machine control systems is justified with gains in productivity and safety.”

As OEMs look to create more streamlined interiors, certain HMI components have begun to disappear from the operator cab, such as the steering wheel—and is a trend that is expected to continue. “Gauge clusters are being eliminated at a very fast pace,” says Torbett. “Independent subsystems are going away (i.e., transmission shifter and controller) and being integrated into the primary controls platform instead.”

Vehicle Cab Designs using Human-Machine Interfaces

New vehicle cab designs are now using electronic Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)  that replace multiple hydraulic levers and discrete components with fully integrated armrest assemblies that give operators a wide range of new capabilities. Our engineers have extensive experience in developing custom HMI solutions by collaborating with your design teams to develop the most cost-effective and reliable equipment.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) team of engineers design Configurable Cab Solutions that work to reduce cost, decrease OEM engineering effort and time, and work to streamline OEM manufacturing processes.

At GSGR we develop entire control systems for OEM cabs through the display, joysticks, sensors, hydraulics and more. We are the leading electronic controls and hydraulics systems integrator.