Learn What’s New – Parker IQANdesign 5

Simplified design.
IQAN Connect simplifies the development process and gives engineers more design flexibility, which in the end leads to both faster turnaround and better-performing machines.










Parker’s newly released IQANdesign 5 software tools include an intuitive graphic interface, a component library and drag-and-drop features that do away with previously tedious engineering task.

  • Redesigned development interface—new ways to add components, new system layout, links to module instruction books.
  • External functions—function blocks used across multiple projects can be kept in one place and used in multiple projects.
  • CAN routing on MC4x modules—route J1939 or generic CAN frames from one CAN-bus to another based on rules and exceptions set by the developer.

Main Feature Updates

New system layout
The system layout grid view has been replaced by a free positioning of the modules and buses.










Add button 

Toolbars and context menus are replaced by an Add button in all views where you can add components. The Add button has additional features such as component search and hints.
Dynamic block diagrams 










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