Eaton and GS Global Resources Transportation Solutions

Eaton’s Transportation Offering Includes a User Interface, Controls, and Switches… as well as the important power conversion and distribution solutions vehicles, need for Efficient Power Management.

The Eaton multiplexed Rear-fed Fuse and Relay Module (mRFRM), is an enhanced version of the Eaton Rear-fed Fuse and Relay Module (RFRM) as it has a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface and rear fed sealed connectors.

The mRFRM accepts plug-in components common to power distribution such as fuses, relays, circuit breakers, diodes, etc. and is IP66 compliant. The mRFRM provides sockets for fourteen (14) relays (10 Form-A and 4 Form-C) and twenty-eight (28) two-bladed sockets for fuses or circuit breakers (CB). Each relay is protected by an associated fuse or CB. Fourteen (14) fuses or CB are for independent outputs.

All the output components are electronically interfaced with a CAN control board that monitors the state of components and controls relays that are plugged into the module.