Gerotor motors are classified as LSHT motor or low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors. While the motor is running at high speeds, Gerotor motors generate the torque needed for traction-intensive applications found in the construction, agricultural, and forestry industry.

Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Hydraulic motors are often used to drive off-highway vehicles, either directly or through gear reducers. The power required to propel the vehicle, called “Tractive Effort,” is supplied by the hydraulic motor(s). It is normally expressed in pounds and is the sum of the forces (Parker LSHT Torqmotors and Nichols Motors™ Engineering Data).

This Parker catalog contains the information you need to order hydraulic motor products. It contains complete specifications, dimensions, and ordering information on the complete line of Parker hydraulic motor products, including technical data and reference material for designers, builders, and users of motion control machinery.

Parker LSHT Torqmotors and Nichols Motors

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