GS GLOBAL RESOURCES TEAM and our very own on staff COR Wellness Coaches have kicked off our Spring activity to motivate everyone to MOVE MORE, no matter how many steps we average daily.  Teams include GSGR employees from all departments, some who move a lot and some who do not. 

It’s not about our current activity level it’s about having fun and creating a community for us to get to know one another better, and getting active after a LONG winter!









An opportunity for GSGR employees to take steps towards a longer, stronger and healthier life, along with having fun, creating a healthy workplace and friendships. 
Take a breath, and start moving!
1379 Miles from Mukwonago to The Bahamas = 2,758,000 Steps!
Who: All employees encouraged to participate!!
When: April 15- May 25
What: 6-week companywide step challenge

Week 1 we are off to a good start. As expected all teams blew past Chicago and are all heading towards Kentucky!!

Eddie and the Cruisers have sped into first place with the Bahama Mamas and Papas hot on their tail! Hey, that look’s like John Thornton in the back seat.

We had another team that has joined the Dash! Welcome

Team S.T.E.P.S | Strides to Enforce Physically Stepping.  They started late but are off to a good start!

Keep Moving!