Versatile and Compact Rotary Sensor

Curtiss-Wright Industrial’s NRH305DR is a no-contact rotary position sensor offering an optimal combination of performance, safety, and cost for OEMs designing vehicles and control systems.



Sharing many of the same features/benefits as the NRH300DP, the NRH305DR enhances system performance by incorporating two completely independent power supplies and output channels for full electrical redundancy, operating from a 5Vdc regulated supply.

An 8mm low-profile sensor body, small footprint and fully-encapsulated, the IP68/IP69K-rated design ensures the sensor offers exceptional levels of performance. Its separate magnet assembly can have a permissible air gap between 1.5mm and 8mm (depending on magnet style) and can accommodate up to ±2mm radial offset to ease setup/installation.

Versatile, factory-programmable electronics can be easily set to one of two analog voltage output ranges or one of three PWM frequencies. Additionally, the polarities of each of the analog outputs can be independently set, with onboard diagnostic functions ensuring the outputs are put into safe, pre-defined states should an internal sensor error be detected.

The NRH305DR uses proven, wear-free Hall effect sensing technology and features a number of magnet arrangement options, including an over-molded magnet carrier that simplifies the interfacing of the magnet and sensor during installation. Optional bolt, plug or loose carrier variations are also available.

Ref: IVT (International Industrial Vechile Technology)