Schroeder Industries| HDP Series | On-Board Diesel Filtration

Schroeder Industries Offers a Complete Line of Bulk Fuel Coalescing Filters From 16 GPM Up.

The Schroeder Industries HDP On-Board Diesel Coalescing Filter offers a modern cartridge filter system designed for use in heavy-duty diesel applications. The HDP is available in two configurations. The HDP can be in a manually operated with a water drain (HDP-BC), or it can be ordered with an automatic water drain (HDP-HT). Both versions offer unique features and benefits. The smaller size of the HDP offers greater mounting flexibility. These units exceed industry standards for particulate/water removal in ULSD15 and Biodiesel Fuels. Finally, the HDP series offers a host of easily integrated options, like a modular pre-heater, Water-In-Fuel (WIF) sensor, and a hand priming pump.

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