Kawasaki Staffa HMB Fixed Displacement, High Torque Low Speed, Radial Piston Type Motors

Designed for Rigorous Industrial, Marine, and Mobile Applications.

The Kawasaki Staffa HMB010 fixed displacement motor is currently the smallest of 12 frame sizes in the Kawasaki “Staffa” range of high torque, low-speed radial piston motors which extends from 94 to 6800 cm3/r (5.76 to 415 in3/r) capacity. The rugged, well-proven design incorporates hydrostatic balancing techniques to achieve high efficiency, combined with good breakout torque and smooth running capability.

Various features and options are available including, on request, mountings to match competitor interfaces.

The HMB010 is capable of torque outputs up to 685 Nm (505 lbf ft) and speeds to 500 r/min with a continuous output of up to 25 kW (33 hp).

The Kawasaki “Staffa” range also includes dual and continuously variable displacement motors, plus matching brakes and gearboxes to extend the available torque range.

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