Poclain Hydraulics MHP Motors Integrate Torque Modules Designed on the Latest Fluid Design Software

In Order to Increase the Ownership Value of Their Machines, OEMs are Permanently Seeking Gains in Productivity and Quality, as Well as Lower Design and Operating Costs.

September 2017, International Vehicle Technology (iVT) pg. 143
Article written by Adrien Esposito Radial Product Marketing Manager; Poclain Hydraulics

The MHP motor range, from Poclain Hydraulics, is available in five different sizes and meets these OEM requirements. The displacements of this new motor, range from 900cc to 3500cc per revolution. The motor design allows MHP to reach the highest rotating speeds and horsepower levels on the market, leading to increases in productivity and performance. In addition, the MHP motors can withstand the extreme working conditions that are typical in these applications and are easy to integrate due to their compact size and modularity. Read more IVT International’s September 2017 issue, (PDF) or (Direct Link) turn to page 143.

The Poclain MHP motors have been designed and validated to work in the extreme conditions encountered on the field. They can withstand contact with chemicals, dust, mud and water, as well as impacts.

The bearing supports, and their flanges can bear heavy loads, which gives the vehicle extra latitude to increase the machine capacity or integrate heavier components, such as the engine. The bearing supports of the MHP are 100% compatible with those of the existing MS motors, which allows for a wide array of integration solutions in machines.

As far as braking is concerned, the customer can choose between a range of solutions: a parking brake, a dynamic brake, or a combined brake associating both.

The wide displacement ratio, the high rotation speeds, the high maximum horsepower and the four available speeds contribute to increasing productivity. The quality increase is provided by the new, more robust, cover and bearing support architecture. The cost of machine design and operation is considerably reduced by the integration of the brakes in the bearing support, the compact size, and the lifetime of the MHP motors.

All Applications Under One Roof

  • Valving provides all the functionalities
  • The motor displacement ratio gap between the lowest and the highest can be as much as four
  • Valving provides four gears by selecting the full motor displacement or one of the three built-in sub-displacements
  • The reinforced closed covers can mount electro-hydraulic blocks that manage speed shifts
  • Latest machining breakthroughs to improve oil flow, reducing pressure drop
  • Users can choose the Boosted Brake function (when the motor hydrostatically brakes, it generates the full displacement, regardless of selected sub-displacement)

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