Monitor, Measure, Record and Report

Filter Systems from Schroeder Industries


HY-TRAX® Telematics Communications Module with Remote Controlled Sampling System

Telematics Fluid Sampling System | HY-TRAX®

  • Provides remote visibility via cellular network to the fluid condition of critical systems
  • Fluid particle counts, temperature and water saturation (optional) are displayed on a customizable dashboard, which can be accessed via the internet
  • Also available in non-telematics version

TestMate® Contamination Monitor | TCM

  • The latest generation of particle monitors that continuously measure solid contamination in hydraulic fluid

    TCM: Contamination Sensor Modules

  • Measure Particles in Three Sizes: >4, >6, and >14 microns
  • Compatible with Standard Mineral Fluids & Phosphate Esters
  • ISO or SAE codes can be output in 4-20 mA or 0to10V analog signal


TestMate® Monitoring Unit | TMU

  • Combines advantages of portable contamination units with the measurement technology of Schroeder’s Contamination Monitor (TCM) and Water Sensor (TWS)

    TMU: Testmate Monitoring Unit

  • Two contamination calibrations in one instrument (reversible): ISO 4406: 1987; NAS 1638, ISO 4406: 1999; SAE AS 4059(D)
  • Interfaces: 5-pole plug, Bluetooth, USB data port


AMFS: Asset Management Filtration Station

Asset Managment Filtration Station® | AMFS


  • Provides automatic record-keeping, trending, and analysis of the fluid
  • Ideal for fleet or multiple equipment asset maintenances
  • Dual, staged filters for both water and / or contamination removal. Integrated bypass valve allows cart to be used as a transfer cart
  • Shuts down when ISO class is reached


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