Committed to our Community – To Our Future

The Mukwonago Education Foundation funds new ideas and student opportunities—unfunded by the school district—that would otherwise go unrealized.

From skilled trades to technology and much more, the Education Foundation funds academic experiences aligned with our mission. That mission exposes students to learning opportunities otherwise unfunded by the school district.


More than 95% of donor contributions directly fund new ideas to impact student achievement in our school district. Contributions are tax deductible. Fiscal responsibility and effective use of funds drive every decision. Grant requests are considered twice annually. And these grants fill gaps where school district funding falls short or risk seems too great.

A warm thank-you to Jamie Pratt, Karl Robe, Thomas McKeever, Pan Hotz, Rosanne McGuire, Matthew Los, Molly Dobberke, Kurt Nemer, Shawn NcNulty (Board of Directors) and everyone else who contributed and /or attended The Mukwonago Education Foundation fundraising event at GS Global Resources on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 and allowing GS Global Resources to a part of this wonderful event.