Four Reasons Why Motor Independence Matters

Whether we are genuinely interested in having a positive effect on the environment, or simply following the ever-intensifying standards and regulations, optimizing the energy efficiency of our motors and motor controllers is something we cannot escape.



The energy-efficiency discussion has forced the development of new motor technologies and the reinvention of existing, older technologies. In the past, the induction motor (IM) was the only type of electrical motor used in industrial applications. It is still today one of the most commonly used motors in most applications. Synchronous reluctance motor technology, first invented a century ago, was originally optimized for size and torque. Thanks to the advent of AC drives, the high-efficiency synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) can now be optimized for energy efficiency. And then there are internal and surface-mounted permanent magnet motors. Each motor type has its advantages and drawbacks; the key is finding the one that best fits your application.

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