Parker Intellinder™ Absolute Position Sensor for Industrial & Mobile Applications

Intellinder is suited to mobile applications with a direct connect to Parker IQAN, using CAN J1939 or CAN-Open Safety. For industrial applications, Intellinder offers multiple voltage and current outputs, with 0-10V and 4-20 mA standard for connection to common controllers.

Intellinder equipped Parker cylinders are able to support a wide range of functions in many diverse applications: including electronic cushioning, load monitoring, auto-level, steer by wire and return to position. By marking the piston rod with a unique non-repeating pattern and integrating a highly engineered optoelectronic sensor into the cylinder head, this unique virtual plug-and-play technology provides continuous feedback of the cylinder linear position.

Read more about Parker’s Intellinder absolute position sensor suitable for industrial, and mobile applications on the blog section of Mobile Hydraulic Tips here.

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