Parker icountPD Particle Counter

The Parker icountPD is a permanently mounted laser detection particle counter with the ability to display and communicate results in ISO4406/NAS1638 and Relative Humidity; an innovative design and a cost effective conditioning monitoring solution.


Product Features & Benefits: (view brochure here)

  • Independent monitoring of system contamination trends
  • Early warning LED or digital display indicators for Low, Medium and High contamination levels
  • Moisture % RH LED indicator (optional)
  • Cost effective solution in prolonging fluid life and reducing machine downtime
  • Visual indicators with power and alarm output warnings
  • Continuous performance for dependable analysis
  • Hydraulic, phosphate ester & fuel fluid compatible construction
  • Self-diagnostic software
  • Fully integrated PC/PLC integration technology such as: RS-232 and 0-5 Volt, 4-20mA, and CAN-bus J1939

Typical Applications:

 Mobile Equipment:
• Earth Moving Machinery
• Harvesting
• Forestry
• Agriculture

Industrial Equipment:
• Production Plants
• Fluid Transfers
• Pulp & Paper
• Refineries
Power Generation:
• Wind Turbines
• Gearboxes
• Lubrication Systems

• Test Rigs
• Flushing Stands