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Mobile Filtration Systems | MFS/MFD with Fluid Monitoring.

The Schroeder Mobile Filtration System is a compact, self-contained filtration system equipped with high efficiency, high capacity elements capable of removing particulate contamination and/or water quickly, conveniently and economically. It is perfect for cleaning up existing systems as well as for prefiltering new fluids since new fluids often have contamination levels significantly higher than that recommended for most hydraulic systems.

The most attractive feature of the Mobile Filtration System is the significant reduction in noise, being reduced from 91 decibels to 72 decibels at full load. Additional improvements include a modular base that eliminates hoses and fittings between components, a drip pan, and easier element servicing through the patented K9 base-ported filter housing. The MFS single filtration unit can remove either water or particulate contamination.

The MFD dual filtration unit can be used to remove both water and particulate contamination, or for staged particulate contaminant removal. Schroeder now offers the HY-TRAX® manual fluid sampling system as an additional option. ISO particle counts are visually displayed on the TCM. Users will now know when they have reached their desired ISO contamination levels. U.S. Patents 6568919 7604738 GPM MFS-1K lb (kg) MFS-2K lb (kg) MFS-3K lb (kg) MFD-1K lb (kg) MFD-2K lb (kg) MFD-3K lb (kg) 7 170 180 190 185 203 220 (77) (82) (86) (84) (92) (100) 14 170 187 197 192 210 227 (80) (85) (89) (87) (95) (103)

  • Supplementing continuous filtration by system filters
  • Cleaning up a hydraulic system following component replacement
  • Filtering new fluid before it is put into service
  • Transferring fluid from storage tanks and drums to system reservoirs


  • Modular base eliminates hoses between components and minimizes leakage
  • Base-ported filter provides easy element service from the top cap
  • Single, double and triple bowl length option allows the flexibility of additional dirt-holding capacity
  • D5 Dirt Alarm® indicates when filter element needs to be changed
  • Cleans up oil faster – 7 GPM and 14 GPM models available
  • Hoses and connection tubes included
  • Drip pan catches oil before it falls to the ground
  • Integral suction strainer protects pump
  • Off-line stationary system available
  • Two 7/16 – 20 UNF sampling ports included on all models
  • ISO particle counts are visually displayed with the HY-TRAX® manual fluid sampling system option


Flow Rating: 7 GPM (26.5L/min) max or 14 GPM (53.0 L/min) max
Maximum Viscosity: 1000 SUS (216 cSt)
Hose Pressure Rating: 30 psig (2.0 bar) @ 150°F (65.6°C) Full vacuum @ 150°F (65.6°C)
Fluid Temperature: 25°F to 150°F (-4°C to 65°C)
Bypass Valve Setting Cracking: 30 psi (2 bar)
Material Manifold and cap: Cast aluminum
Element case: Steel
Compatibility: All petroleum based hydraulic fluid. Contact factory for use with other fluids.
Motor: 115 VAC Single phase 3/4 hp (7 GPM) or 1-1/2 hp (14 GPM)
Element Change Clearance: 8.50 (215) 1K (9, 18 or 27” depending on model configuration)

Now comes with the option to include an HY-TRAX® Fluid Sampling Systems.

Video Overview – As well as steps on how to install to your already existing MFS/MFD.

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