A Wide Range of Gear Drives To Meet Your Needs

Eskridge Gear Drives, Brakes, Diggers, and Anchor Drives.

GS Global Resources along with Eskridge provides power transmission solutions utilizing our gear drive and brake products for industrial and mobile equipment all over the world. We understand the necessity of keeping businesses running with a minimum of inventory, and maintaining an excellent track record for on-time delivery and providing expedited services.

Years of experience have taught us that quick and easy methods of selecting gearboxes don’t always provide the desired result. As an example, the same size gearbox with two different ratios will have different life expectancies. The reason is simple, the more teeth a gear has, the more area available to sustain loads, which generally will increase life. Other factors to consider are: the output shaft “drop” or distance the center of the load on the shaft extends from the gearbox. Longer “drops” will place more load on the output shaft bearings and shorten the gearbox life if output shaft bearing life is a limiting factor.

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