Parker icountLCM20 Fluid System Contamination Monitoring

Parker | ICOUNT LASERCM – Portable Particle Counter

Condition monitoring certifies fluid cleanliness levels and helps prevent catastrophic failures in critical hydraulic systems.

Parker icountLCM20 is a proven answer to fluid system contamination monitoring offering a 2-minute test procedure. Multi-standard ISO and NAS cleanliness reporting, data entry, data graphing and integral printing are all standards on this world proven contamination monitor.

Over the years, fluid contamination monitoring has become increasingly important. By offering, system matched filtration solutions, the stringent customer demands related to extending component lifetime or improved system reliability can be met. Parker HFDE has developed a complete range of instruments and components for maintenance programs and local fluid condition analysis such as the LaserCM. Parker HFDE’s particle counters are well known for their accurate performance in the field or in a production line environment. Lightweight, portable particle counters can be used for temporary fluid cleanliness measurements.
Product Features:
• icountLCM20 is a proven answer to fluid system contamination monitoring
• 2-minute test procedure
• Multi-standard ISO, NAS, and AS4059 cleanliness reporting
• Data entry, data graphing and integral printer, contamination  test procedure: A portable particle counter designed to use in the field
• 420 bar rated maximum pressure
• Supported by the offline UBS and online SPS accessories

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