Kawasaki – ConExpo 2017 Buzz

Power Density, Engine Optimization, Performance, Efficiency. You know today’s buzzwords. Many of the visitors to Kawasaki’s booth were seeking new and creative solutions and found them in the new KPM products being introduced at CONEXPO 2017. Three of these new products caused a swarm of activity around KPM’s display area as the K3VLS Axial Piston Pump, M7V Swash Plate Type Axial Piston Motor and Staffa HMF 3-Speed Radial Piston Motor were all enthusiastically received. For more information on these product solutions and more, contact us here.

K3VLS Power Shift and Engine Optimization

KPM’s new K3VLS Axial Piston Pump with Power Shift! A Torque Limiter with Power Shift commands the pump to always operate at the maximum available torque level. The proportional signal allows for infinite power levels to Maximize Engine Optimization, Performance and Fuel Efficiency resulting in Minimizing Carbon Particulate. When the ECM senses engine droop, the pump input power is reduced to allow the engine to recover when overloaded, at any speed quickly. Just think about the possibilities in any application. K3VLS Power Shift is the answer for Tier 4 and 5.   Learn More Here


M7V’s 11 Piston Rotary Group = Smooth

Kawasaki’s newly developed M7V/X series hydraulic motors are a swash plate type axial piston design which achieves a New Level of Performance. By utilizing Kawasaki’s years of experience in developing technologies for swash plate type pumps and motors, KPM can provide unmatched performance in a wide range of speeds, from very low to high-speed rotations that have previously been achieved only with bent axis type motors. With an Eleven Piston design, the M7V/X motors have Superior Low-Speed Performance, Unmatched Starting Torque, and Exceptional Winch Slip Characteristics. The M7V/X provides a compact installed envelope and is lightweight with superior bearing life. Learn More Here

Staffa Introduces the HMF 3-Speed Radial Piston Motor

At this year’s CONEXPO KPM launched their new HMF 3-Speed Radial Piston Motor. The only motor of its kind currently on the market! Offering three displacement modes, one being a freewheel, the HMF unit provides improved flexibility for the Marine and Mobile markets. Staffa radial piston motors have been known to run for over 70,000 hours in a variety of demanding applications without the need for replacement, and the HMF motor is no different. KPM’s HMF motor design and development included 1,000 hours of extensive testing to ensure the new unit met STAFFA’s robust reputation of dependability. Learn More Here

View Kawasaki 3-Speed Motor Video Here