Strong Ag Economy Keeps Manufacturers Healthy

i_make_america_farming_equip_mfgThe importance of a strong agricultural economy to the health of the equipment manufacturing industry is the theme of the third  I Make America video produced in 2016.

The latest video drives home the link between farming and equipment manufacturing, and raises awareness of the issues that bind these industries together, including:

  • Promoting a strong Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Preserving crop insurance
  • Safeguarding against costly taxes and overreaching regulations

The video follows in the “My Manufacturing Vote” campaign this year. The first video dealt with the importance of being a manufacturing voter, while the second video promoted the role exports play in supporting the equipment manufacturing industry.

Keep an eye out for these videos on Facebook and on websites in battleground states. I Make America will be rolling out additional videos on industry issues in the weeks to come.

Help Make America The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) advocates to dramatically improve American manufacturing policies and to create more jobs in the U.S. We focus on policies that will expand and preserve the economic growth of our great nation and keep us competitive with other countries. America’s future is in your hands so take action by joining us today.

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