Reach New Levels of Performance with the VLT® Midi Drive FC 280 by Danfoss

Danfoss is pleased to announce the release of the VLT® Midi Drive FC 280, including all ratings, voltages and certifications.

Reach new levels of performance with the VLT® Midi Drive FC 280, the evolution of the popular VLT® 2800 Drive. Profit from new savings, with a wide range of features designed to make installing, using, and maintaining the AC drive as easy as possible.
Choose the VLT® Midi Drive to control your application with a broad range of fieldbus options that suits protocol standards of many different industries. Because it’s compatible with both induction and PM motors, you also win the freedom to choose the best high-efficiency motor for your task.

VLT® Midi FC 280 Drive

0.5 ~ 30 HP,3ph. 400V
0.5 ~ 5 HP,3ph. 200V
0.5 ~ 3 HP, 1ph. 200V

Fieldbus variants

  • Ethernet IP
  • CAN-Open

Flexible and efficient motor control

Features and benefits

  • Easy and fast installation and set-up
  • Cost savings thanks to integrated functionality
  • No need for extra cooling equipment or to oversize the drive as it is designed to operate at 45-50° C ambient temperature at full load and 55° C with derating
  • Power supply quality improved and DC capacitor lifetime extended due to integrated DC choke
  • Panel space savings thanks to compact design

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