Stauff Clamps for Quick and Easy Pipe, Tube, Hose and Cable

STAUFF Lightweight and durable alternative Clamps.

GS Global Resources offerings include Stauff Clamps for quick and easy pipe, tube, hose and cable installations as well as a clean distinct pipe layout. Their vibration and noise reducing features are appre­ciated as being an important contribution to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.


STAUFF Clamps have been successfully tested and approved by several international organisations. Apart from the technical sophistication, the global availability with branches and distributors in all industrial countries and the second-to-none delivery are only some of the main reasons to pick STAUFF Clamps for your application.

The benefits of using aluminum in machine and plant construction are abundant: although aluminum is considered to be a light metal with a density of 2.6 to 2.8 g per cm3, which offers a potential weight savings of up to 66% compared to steel and stainless steel, it still has exceptional strength considering these properties.


▪ Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics
▪ Marine, Oil and Gas Industry
▪ Process and Chemical Industry
▪ Food and Beverage Industry
▪ Mining Industry
▪ Power Plants and Reactors
▪ Wind Energy Plants
▪ General Industrial Pipe work
▪ Transport and Utility Lines
▪ Pneumatic, Lubrication and Grease Lines
▪ Instrumentation Lines

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