Pressure Sensors for Industrial Applications

Curtiss-Wright Industrial group (Product Brand: Penny & Giles) offers a diverse range of proportional pressure sensors that offer measurement ranges from 0 to 4000 bar, accuracy from 0.1%, offered with either stainless-steel or silicon diaphragms and pressure modes including; absolute, relative, gauge and vacuum.  With a large range of pressure and electrical connection variants, electrical supply and output options all housed around a compact and robust design.

Measurement ranges from -1.0 to 0 bar and 0 to 4000 barThe wide range of models and configurations offer an extensive choice of cost-effective solutions from low-cost, high-volume OEM production to high-performance Research & Development. (View Product Specifications by clicking here)

  • Accuracy to 0.1%
  • Pressure modes – absolute, relative, gauge and vacuum
  • Compact design
  • Large range of pressure connection options
  • Large range of electrical supply and output options

March 29th, 2016: Ref: The Engineer

Featuring thin-film and diffused-silicon sensing elements, the piezo-resistive sensing technology is inherently accurate, small and robust with stainless-steel body construction.

Stainless-Steel Technology: Thin-film polysilicon resistors are applied to a stainless-steel diaphragm that deflects under pressure from the measured media, providing a varying voltage that can be converted into other electrical outputs. Benefits include long-term stability exceeding 0.1% per annum and excellent compatibility with a wide range of gas and fluid media, operating at ranges up to 0 to 4000 bar.

Silicon Technology: The sensing element features a silicon diaphragm into which pressure-dependent resistors have been diffused. The technology is a cost-effective solution for high-volume manufacturing and especially suited to large-batch production. This technology is more suited to non-aggressive gas and fluid media, operating at ranges from 0.1 to 40 bar.

Both technologies are integrated into stainless-steel housings with a choice of pressure port and electrical connection options. This enables it to be readily adapted into numerous different sensor configurations to suit specific customer needs.

Pressure modes include absolute (relative to a vacuum), gauge (relative to ambient atmospheric), differential and sealed reference options, with measurement accuracies nominally 0.5% at room temperature, with an option to 0.1% in the high precision range. Special intrinsically safe ATEX/EX approved versions are also available for use in Zone 0 and 1 hazardous areas.

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