Combination of Air Breather and Water Removal Filter

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Combination of air breather and water removal filter

When a reservoir or gearbox breathes, air containing water vapor is ingested into the system. Temperature fluctuations will cause this water vapor to condense which can speed up the oxidation of the fluid and lead to damage in the system. While inhaling, Desiccant Air Breathers SDB first dry the air as it passes through the drying agent. The air then passes through a 3 μm air filter element to remove any solid contamination particles. As moisture is absorbed, the drying agent will gradually change from red to orange. When it is orange, replace the drying agent. If required, an optional visual indicator gives an indication of the status of the air breather. With the moisture absorbed, the oxidation process can be decreased and the lifetime of the oil and the entire machinery will be extended. Desiccant Air Breathers SDB can also be re-fitted with a layer of active carbon (1/3) and a layer of regular drying agent (2/3) for vapor filtration.  Read More Here