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Ppoclain_lamma_tradeshow_2016_mhp20_mhp27_croppedoclain Launches Complete Hydrostatic Transmission System for Agricultural Vehicles with Newly Developed Components.

Composed of the new Poclain MHP20 and MHP27 hydraulic motors, new PW pump, new generation of casted braking valves and SD-CT electronic control unit with optional EcoDrive software.  These three Poclain components combine in a complete hydrostatic transmission system with automatic or sequential seamless speed shifting. The EcoDrive software allows the constant use of the customer machine at the optimum engine operating point, and this guarantees the best performance while minimizing fuel consumption Poclain said.

According to Poclain, the new High Performance MHP20/27 hydraulic motors are the keystones of the new High Performance range, developed completely by Poclain Hydraulics with the agricultural market in mind.

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