Linde Hydraulics Wins Agritechnica Innovation Award

csm_Linde-HMV105D1_01_eb21104ade_web_rgbLinde Hydraulics GmbH and Co. KG has been awarded the Agritechnica¬†Silver Innovation Medal for its new HMV105D drive motor. The world’s largest agricultural machinery trade fair awards prizes for new product developments that offer fundamental improvements for agricultural applications.

With its new axial piston hydraulic double motor, Linde Hydraulics has developed a design offering higher maximum speeds and hence a bigger transmission ratio spread of oil volume flow into rotary motion than conventional swash plate motor designs. The new motor is about 30% lighter than a motor with transfer gear box and is shorter than other modular approaches. Linde Hydraulics achieves this through innovative design of two in-line swash plate rotating groups in “face-to-face” arrangement. This means that only one swash plate is needed to adjust the displacement volume of the two motors, and additionally inner lateral forces are compensated so that only one drive shaft and only two (instead of four) bearings are required for both rotating groups. Apart from the weight and size advantages, the new Linde Hydraulics double motor also offers cost reductions in the drivetrain with full power take-off capability.

“The Prize is a motivation for us to stay committed to developing practical solutions, opening up new opportunities for our customers and offer them considerable competitive advantages,” added Dr Steffen Appel, company COO and responsible for research and development.

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