The Information Superhighway Goes Off-Road

Cat-tech-C10237284_web_rgbHow wide of a net will be cast with the Internet of Things? Gartner Inc.’s latest research suggests 4.9 billion connected endpoints or “things” will be in play in 2015. By 2020, Gartner predicts that number could reach 25 billion.

Heavy-equipment manufacturers are responding to the IoT market potential by offering solutions that allow their customers to use big data to capture analytics of the equipment on the jobsite. Adopting and incorporating technology that collects key data can help construction companies improve business processes by increasing efficiencies, reducing downtime, and ultimately improving the bottom line, which is the one of the primary objectives on any construction project.

As companies look for ways to improve efficiencies and equipment utilization, they must also find a method to monitor and measure the data that will ultimately drive decisions. As more sensors integrate into operating equipment, it piles up the amount of available data. This requires the sampling rates to increase as well in order to monitor, record, and control effectively.

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