Hydraulics Delivers Power, Productivity across Machine Functions

758bda03-c4f9-4c74-bf11-aef0513ea02f copyDirectional drilling has the fastest boring rate among all the trenchless methods. Hydraulic technology improves total operations.

Hydraulic technology advances deliver higher productivity without compromising directional drilling power. Through integrated engineered solutions, improvements are made across all platforms of operation. The key for a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) owner is to be able to produce drilling locations in a rapid and concise manner.  The utilization of higher-performance, cost-effective radial-piston-motor solutions is critical to achieving functional needs.  This solution allows OEMs to reduce cost with direct-drive boring solutions.

Elimination of the gearbox allows for instant cost reduction on machine solutions. Scalable displacements in the same casting frames improves machine manufacturing efficiency. The ability to achieve 6000 psi in the motor package creates very high torque solutions in a very small package.

By combining integrated “in motor” rotary encoders for speed and position, the OEM now has electronic feedback for extreme environments. In conjunction with ergonomic joystick controls, and machine master controllers, the OEM can tune torque/pressure profiles, speed, and position controls for optimal machine performance.

Radial Piston Motors Benefits

Rotational drive systems with low-speed, high-torque motors provide smooth, quiet, yet efficient, operations.

  • Radial piston hydraulic motors allow for changes in torque and speed without the need of a planetary gearbox, eliminating additional cost to the machine, reducing the weight of the machine, improving frictional losses  and reducing heat.
  • Redesigned hydraulic circuits create efficient use of horsepower.
  • Integrating electronic and hydraulic control solutions bring control and precision to the HDD boring market.