Joystick Design Critical to Machine Operator Safety, Productivity

Directional drilling operators worry about many things. Fatigue just fell off the list.


Increased demands on machine operators present challenges to keeping them safe and productive. As a result, many OEMs now require efficient, ergonomic joystick interfaces to make equipment interaction easy and intuitive.  Many of the previous design solutions have limited or no fingertip controls in the handle of the joystick.  With remote mounting of the controls, function of the machine is more difficult and could require operators to take their eyes off the current operation.

OEMs now want joystick control designs to deliver compact foundations for machine performance and safety. Fingertip controlled joysticks now can be designed to customer specifications, using field-proven components with standard or custom options without sacrificing efficiency.  The key element is to determine the best operator interface for either on/off or proportional fingertip control allowing machine function to be intuitive.  GS Global Resources creates OEM specific handle solutions for an open cab environment and are specifically designed for outdoor use and to withstand exposure to the elements of heat, rain, snow and ice.

Advances in technology have allowed for extremely robust CAN joystick control to be used to eliminate the bundles of wires. The use of CAN joystick controls allows for a four-wire solution to the complete joystick assembly. No longer do joystick designs require large cable harnesses exiting the joystick or the resulting potential for wiring issues. These advances have been proven to create a more reliable product in extreme environments. This puts human-machine interface and proportional control for on- and off-highway equipment within reach.