Wireless Controls with ATEX and IECEx Certification

Magnetek’s ergonomic easy-to-use XLTX and MLTX wireless controls offer both ATEX and IECEx certifications, approving them to control equipment used worldwide in potentially hazardous applications.

Global Petroleum_Products_72dpi_rgb_800px_wideAdditionally, Magnetek’s wireless controls feature an integrated graphic display, which keeps operators informed of system status at all times and makes configuring access codes, channels, and other system settings simple. These sophisticated bellybox transmitters incorporate the latest electronic technology in lightweight, durable cases and can be customized with several options to meet the needs of any application.

ATEX compliance, required by the European Union, certifies that Magnetek wireless controls are safe to use in potentially explosive areas with flammable gases or vapors. IECEx equipment certification signifies that Magnetek’s wireless controls conform to international safety standards for environments where a potential exists for explosions with customizable options, including a variety of available levers, joysticks, and toggles, are available to allow MLTX2 and XLTX to be designed to customers’ exact specifications.”

“The flexibility offered by Magnetek’s transmitters allows users to operate farther away from a potentially dangerous situation than wired alternatives,...”say’s Ben Stoller…