Filtration Has Never Been So Easy

Filter Systems: As applications become more sophisticated and widespread, the need for highly sensitive diagnostic equipment to measure and analyze the performance of hydraulic filter systems is increasing. GSGR in partnership with Schroeder Industries provides

  • Diagnostic Products known for their diversity, capability and precision.
  • Fluid Conditioning Products are hydraulic oil filter systems for removing contaminants and water from various types of hydraulic fluids.

TCM-FC-WToday’s hydraulic filter systems have seen a shift from reactionary to preventative maintenance. At the forefront of this switch is total system contamination management. In the past fluid power systems were equipped with hydraulic filter system filtration, which cleaned the system during commissioning and then had the task of maintaining system fluid cleanliness at a constant level, e.g. by using commissioning filter and initial brief maintenance intervals followed by changing over to hydraulic filter system filtration. This approach frequently no longer suffices due to the growing demands made of today’s hydraulic systems (extended maintenance intervals and mounting cost pressure). Pre-commissioning flushing is performed in large systems in the hydraulics industry to quickly bring the contamination down to an acceptable level. However, in small, mass-produced hydraulic systems this is not always possible. That is why hydraulic filter system contamination management begins with the manufacturing of individual components and extends throughout the entire process up to and including the finished component.

Schroeder TCM: In-Line Particle Counting for Hydraulic Fluid and Fuels Fluid Condition Monitors
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Contamination management pertains to the analysis and optimization of processes with regard to the cleanliness of components, systems and the purity of the fluids used. View the features and benefits of the Schroeder TCM with installation suggestions. Contact GS Global Resources today to discuss you Hydraulic Filtration needs.