Stauff PT-RF Wireless Testing System

Windpower Engineering Development  March 11, 2015 Nic Sharpley

STAUFF_Wireless-293x300The STAUFF PT-RF wireless testing system uses RFID technology to transfer energy required for a measurement to the pressure transmitter via the antenna of the reading device.

Just place the antenna about a half-inch from the tip of the pressure transmitter.

A press of a button activates the pressure transmitter and pressure is read in less than a half second — the hand-held reader displays and stores data for further evaluation, or downloads to a PC through the USB interface.

  • Hermetically sealed stainless steel housing
  • Robust construction (IP65 protection rating)
  • Long life design
  • No test point battery, no wiring
  • Storage for 15,000+ measurement sets
  • Patent pending

Analytical Software for downloaded data is included in the system package.

The Innovative STAUFF PT-RF Solution

In addition to the pressure value itself, other tracking information is also transmitted, including media temperature, date and time of the measurement and the unique serial number of the pressure transmitter.

When a continuous measurement is triggered, the MIN and MAX values as well as the average values for the respective time period are displayed in addition to the most recent pressure and temperature values.