Schroeder Industries Announces In-Line Bulk Fuel Coalescing Filter

ICF: In-Line Bulk Fuel Coalescing Filter

ICFGen2The ICF consists of patent-pending, three-phase particulate and fuel/water separation media technology. The ICF is designed to remove water from ULSD and Biodiesel fuels stored in bulk fuel tanks and for use in single-pass fuel-dispensing or multi-pass reservoir clean-up and continuous maintenance. The ICF protects expensive Tier III and Tier IV engine components against failures caused by particulate and water transferred from bulk fuel tanks to the vehicle.

Water in fuel systems can lead to seizure of vital engine components due to reduced lubricity. Water in bulk tanks leads to rust and microbial growth. Both of these issues lead to bypassed, plugged fuel filters causing contamination to entire fuel systems. The ICF coalescing filter solves this problem by allowing users to achieve or exceed the particulate and water removal specifications of the injection systems OEMs.

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