Announcing the Maximatecc CCpilot VC Display

5” Freely Programmable, Multifunctional

Size:  5″
Processor:  Freescale i.MX537, 32 Bit ARM processor
Operating system:   Linux

CCpilotVC_GUI_shadowCCpilot VC is a 5’’ full-colour display with a powerful ARM CPU. The open software platform has a choice of tools for design of premium graphical user interfaces. This, together with WVGA display resolution and high brightness display, enables fast design of sharp interfaces with high usability.

With touch screen and configurable hard keys, operators are offered a user friendly interaction with the system. CCpilot VC has multifunctional capability and can be used as instrumentation display, control system GUI, video monitor, Service tool and more.

CCpilot VC Product Brochure (PDF)