News Archive - 2015

    • CCpilot XA Touch Screen Display Computer in Potato Harvester

      7.0 inch J1939 Display TFT with Capacitive Touch Screen CCpilot XA is a 7” full-color touch screen display computer with a powerful ARM CPU and a robust aluminum enclosure to endure the most challenging operating environments. CCpilot XA has multifunctional capability and can be used as instrumentation display, machine control HMI, video monitor, Electronic manual […]

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    • Parker Coolers and Our New Cooler Web Presence

          The Parker Accumulator and Cooler Division Americas are pleased to announce the launch of the new Parker Cooler Products Web presence In response to requests, Parker has significantly upgraded the cooler Web presence experience. Increased Web presence, tools and data now exist for every major Parker Cooler Product Series, which now includes (for […]

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    • Bauer Gear Motor – Guide to IE4

      Learn how IE4 classification changed the motor market. The IE2 regulations effectively cleaned-up the lower efficiency end of the market; if an application requires a motor to operate rarely, then its energy consumption is not so critical. Users just want the cheapest machine they can buy that will be reliable in that application, the IE2 […]

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    • Poclain MHP 20/27 Motors

      Poclain hydraulic motors MHP20 & MHP27 represent the keystones of the new HIGH PERFORMANCE range exclusively developed by Poclain Hydraulics. As a result of many years of design and validation, the MHP20/27 has for ambition to constitute a new reference for cam-lobe hydraulic motors, when it comes to performances and reliability, while representing the perfect […]

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    • Linde HPV-02 Variable Pumps for Closed Circuit Operation

      GS Global Resources is privileged to be an authorized distributor for Linde Hydraulics. The Linde HPV-02 variable pumps for closed circuit operation comes in displacement sizes from 55 to 280 cc. compact design high power density dynamic response high reliability long service life noise-optimized precise and load-independent Linde HPV-02 Literature

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