Liquid Cooled Drive Provides Quiet and Clean River Cruising (VACON NXP)

The diesel-electric hybrid drive trend is taking river cruisers by storm.


Comfortable river cruises that use less fuel
Holidaymakers love floating hotels on the open seas, and river cruises are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises combine city trips with a backdrop of beautiful landscapes. As far as equipment and accommodation are concerned, modern river cruisers are every bit as luxurious as the big ocean liners, even without huge theaters and swimming pools due to their smaller size.

However, in both cases, the operators endeavor to run these floating luxury hotels as energy-efficiently as possible. “If you love ocean cruises, you’ll quickly fall in love with river cruises, too,” comments Tor Hagen, Chairman, and CEO at Viking River Cruises, the world’s largest river cruise provider.

One option for achieving maximum energy efficiency on the ships: diesel- electrical hybrid drives. This trend is also taking river cruisers by storm.

Energy-efficient electricity generation on board

The electrical energy and drive systems used in the Viking River Cruises’ fleet are based on the VACON®NXP Liquid Cooled Drive. Michael Güldner of Neptune Shipyard, who is responsible for the onboard electrical systems of all Viking ships, explains: “We are very satisfied with the VACON® drives. Together, we have been able to further improve the electrical systems over the years.”

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Liquid Cooled Drive Provides Quiet and Clean River Cruising (VACON NXP)