VACON® NXP Air Cooled Drives

Clean power! Shore supply system responds to peak demands with low idle consumption.

Friday, 30 October 2015 By Danfoss Drives

FAYARD A/S is a modern repair yard with four dry docks up to 415 m in length and 90 m breadth. Here all types of maritime vessels can be repaired, maintained and upgraded.

  • A VACON® NXC Air Cooled drive to convert the 50 Hz shore power to 60 Hz
  • A sine-wave filter to create a nearly sinusoidal waveform
  • A separation transformer to eliminate common mode noise and create an IT grid as required on board the vessels

The results clearly demonstrated that the operating costs of the pilot system were far lower than for the existing systems. Therefore it was easy for FAYARD to decide to invest in two full-scale shore power systems.

FAYARD also installed VACON® NXC drives to maintain the water pressure on thier firefighting systems, which resulted in great savings.

The VACON® NXC drive is available in air-cooled, liquid-cooled, and low harmonic variants.

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VACON® NXP Air Cooled Drives