Plant Automation (Eaton)

Mundelsheim, Germany

Materials Handling | Mining

Early detection of overloads on conveyor belt drives, prevention of plant standstills; Automation of the entire plant

Eaton SmartWire-DT with PKE motor-protective circuit-breaker, XC-202 and XC-152 controllers, Galileo visualization software

The direct transfer of motor data to the controller enables the early detection of critical states on the conveyor belt drives. The Galileo visualization software and Ethernet networking with hotspots enable warnings to be displayed directly on the tablets of wheel loader drivers. Reaction times for troubleshooting are reduced, and standstills are prevented.

Hofmann and Bader wanted to solve this problem without fail as part of the modernization of the crusher plant. The main focus here was the automation technology which controls the entire material flow, the silo fill levels and pre-sieving of the materials. For the two electricians, it was important that the new automation system is easy to design and implement. They found the solution in the form of Eaton’s SmartWire-DT connection and communication system. This does not use point-to-point wiring to connect individual switchgear, drives, and sensors, but uses a green “eight” pole cable, which connects all modules with simple plug connectors. The Eaton SmartWire-DT cable provides the connected devices with power and at the same time implements the data communication. “This generally excludes the possibility of wiring faults since wiring is no longer implemented in a conventional way,” Hofmann explains. “It is also possible to save a lot of space in the switch cabinet since I/O modules are unnecessary.”

With Eaton SmartWire-DT the I/O level is integrated directly in the switching devices, variable frequency drives or controllers.

At the same time, Eaton SmartWire-DT can also be connected to different bus systems. In the Mundelsheim quarry, for example, the data such as from push button actuators in the field, emergency-stop devices or rotational speed monitors can be read in via the ASI bus. Variable frequency drives, on the other hand, are connected via CAN-bus. Gateways are used to connect these bus systems to the SmartWire-DT network in the various switch cabinets of the plant. An Eaton PLC is used to control the plant: The crusher plant and the gravel treatment section are each controlled by an Eaton XC-152 compact PLC. An Eaton XC-200 modular PLC controls the processes in the buffer silos.

Ref: Eaton

Plant Automation (Eaton)