Smart IoT Devices Enable and Industrial Internet (Parker)

The manufacturing industry is currently facing increasing pressure to reform and innovate to remain viable. On the consumer side, the Internet of Things (IoT) has made smart devices available for all, and new changes and challenges of digitalization are generating business development possibilities for industries as well. Smart IoT devices enable an industrial internet that usually includes also analytics and user action analysis, improving efficiency and offering new services to customers.


Parker has been actively building a new presence in industrial internet platforms and ecosystems by developing a software platform for advanced and flexible user interface design.


Parker’s UX Toolkit software tool enables easier development of demanding applications for machine instrumentation, control, and adjustment. The applications can include supporting applications for core machine functions, smart control systems, diagnostics or prediction applications that decrease downtime, or GPS monitoring and navigation applications. Solutions helping end users to improve performance and efficiency include applications for mobile hands-free devices, logbooks, usage monitoring, and task management (for example managing bus lines).

Making OEM machines more powerful and simplifying cabin functions, with Parker’s Pro Display HMI display module. This display can be programmed with the Parker UX Toolkit software.

OEMs can centralize desired features into a single display and a uniform user interface, which decreases driver distraction.

It is very difficult for machine manufacturers to integrate functions from other manufacturers to their machine. Such functions usually have a display with its user interface that is difficult or even impossible to integrate into an existing HMI system reliably. This has been taken into account in the design of Parker’s software tool. As a result, integrating third-party system functions (such as tractor ISOBUS functions) is possible, and extra expenses of an additional display are eliminated. The certification tool of the UX Toolkit ensures that only applications approved by the machine manufacturer are installed in the display.

Flexible platform for a customized system

The UX Toolkit software is suitable for developing a customized HMI system for mobile equipment such as;

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • Municipal Vehicles (emergency, refuse trucks, public transportation)
  • Railway
  • Snow and Ice

This was contributed by Anu Tuominen, product manager, Parker Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe.

Smart IoT Devices Enable and Industrial Internet (Parker)