Saw Motors | Power Boost™ for Optimized Production (Parker)

The Requirements of Hydraulic Motors for Cutting Timber are Unique and Precise.

Correct chain speed optimizes production by saving valuable timber and extending the life of both motor and chain. Reliability is absolutely crucial for profitable logging, that is why Parker developed the F11-iP especially for forestry work. The F11-iP  with Parkers unique ‘Power Boost™’ will increase your productivity, minimize log splits and improve the overall life of the motor.

What the unbeatable F11/F12 Parker Series Gives You: 

• Increased productivity – Outstanding efficiency in all speed ranges
• Increased operating time – Incredible tolerance to extreme working pressure and high velocity
• Increased reliability – Exceptional resistance to vibration, overload and temperature shocks


View the Parker F12 here

Parker F11/F12 Hydraulic Innovations

View Parker F11/F12 Hydraulic Innovations (PDF) Here

Intuitive HMI is changing the driving experience.

Combined with GS Global Resources Engineered Solutions – GS Global Resources complete line of products, resources, and experienced technology – we create mobile machine control systems and solutions that are easy to use and intuitive.

Saw Motors | Power Boost™ for Optimized Production  (Parker)