Rough Terrain Crane (RT)

GS Global Resources (GSGR) and Broderson developed an entire control system from the cab through displays, joysticks, sensors, and hydraulics. Broderson Engineering Director Eric Slocombe says. “GSGR’s unmatched ability to provide a control solution that quickly drops into our machine is a game-changer.”

Since 1973, Broderson has been manufacturing highly reliable cranes for the industrial and construction industry, earning the trust of our customers by performing unique lift operations in some of the harshest operating environments in the world. Broderson Rough Terrain cranes boast three steering modes, a compact and rugged design, telescoping boom even under load, and a comfortable and ergonomic cab.

What is a Rough Terrain Crane

A rough terrain (RT) crane is a subclass of a hydraulic crane. As a self-propelled crane mount on an undercarriage with four rubber tires, rough terrain cranes are specifically designed to operate on off-road and rough applications and surfaces. An RT crane typically has a hydraulic boom, four tires, two axles, and features four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, increasing maneuverability for off-road operations.

Technical Solutions Overview

The Broderson RT-400 provides the low-height “stair step” entry and exit of a “Cab Down Rough Terrain Crane.” The RT-400-A’s pilot-controlled hydraulic design provides the “feel” and precision of direct mechanical to hydraulic level controls while moving the noise and heat of the control valves outside the cab operator environment.

Specific objectives for the Broderson RT-400 goal were carried through by GS Global Resources System Design, Integrated Hydraulic, Electronic and Software Engineered Solution –  ready to plug-and-play –  using GS Global Resources leading engineering minds along with the technologically advanced Parker IQAN Software System.

Single Point of Accountability

GS Global Resources worked directly with Broderson and their suppliers to identify and prevent any issues in the process, “says Colin Sheard with GS Global Resources, saving Broderson time and money. The fully tested, tuned and finished cab allows Broderson to drop the cab into the machine (View White Paper Here)

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Rough Terrain Crane (RT)