Pile Drivers | Withstanding Enormous Forces (Parker)

The Vibrations Which Drive a 20-tonne Concrete Column Through the Earth Generate a Minor Earthquake.

Consequently, the hydraulic motor at its center has to transmit and withstand enormous forces of extreme vibration, axle loads and pressure variations throughout sustained periods. This usually requires a  heavyweight motor such as Parker F12-125.

What the unbeatable F11/F12 Parker Series Gives You: 

• Increased productivity – Outstanding efficiency in all speed ranges
• Increased operating time – Incredible tolerance to extreme working pressure and high velocity
• Increased reliability – Exceptional resistance to vibration, overload and temperature shocks

View the Parker F11 here

Parker F11/F12

View Parker F11/F12 Hydraulic Innovations (PDF) Here

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Pile Drivers | Withstanding Enormous Forces (Parker)