Off-Road Vehicles | A Global Approach For More Simplicity

The explosive increase in the number of options and equipment connected to a vehicle imposes the choice of bus-type interconnections (CAN J1939…). GS Global Resources simplifies the integration of these new technologies by offering ready-for-use CAN solutions.

Our teams can develop complete interface solutions combining components:

  • Switches
  • Keypads
  • Indicators
  • Joysticks
  • Standard electronic board and programming

Custom Capabilities and Long-Term Reliability

The capital investment represented by the purchase of an off-road vehicle has to be amortized and made profitable. For this reason, users give priority to robust and reliable vehicles, whatever the conditions of use. Controlling all the phases of manufacturing, our interfaces have proven their effectiveness in harsh environments. Dust, moisture, mud, grease or hydrocarbons do not affect their life expectancy.

GS Global Resources Engineered Solutions – GSGR has extensive experience in CAN programming to integrate the joystick with control systems. Our rugged joystick controllers are designed for demanding operator control application in on or off-highway vehicles and other man-machine interfaces. Utilizing our 3D design tools and rapid handle prototyping capabilities, GSGR can quickly turn the impossible into reality.


Off-Road Vehicles | A Global Approach For More Simplicity