New Compact Design Solves for Typical Check Valve Challenges

Check valves are commonly applied to a variety of load holding applications that are found, for example, in mobile equipment in mining, construction, or forestry. Typical thread in cartridge style check valves are large and mount to the surface of a manifold block. This surface mounting adds to the complexity and cost because of the additional machining or drilling of internal passages required to integrate the valve into the circuit.

GS Global Resources offers insert check valves that can be compact in nature because of its application in circuits – to isolate pressure signals to flow compensators and load sense lines for pumps. Load sensing is a common methodology used for pump control on many multifunctioning hydraulic circuits that use a variable displacement pump.

In load sensing circuits with two or more functions, it is important to use check valves to isolate the signal from each function. This ensures that the pump control is receiving the highest pressure signal in the circuit while multiple functions are being used at the same time. (The pump control receiving the highest pressure means the pump output is increased to meet the demand of the highest demand function).

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New Compact Design Solves for Typical Check Valve Challenges