Mobile Straddle Crane

This mobile straddle crane handles multi-million dollar yachts, barges, and large ocean-going vessels which requires precise and carefully coordinated movements. In its initial configuration, this machine utilized open center, basic hydraulic controls which required a spotter on every corner in addition to the operator. Manual, conventional steering created wide turning angles and the potential for the machine and lifted load damage. In addition, lift operations were manually controlled and measured with spotters.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) greatly improved the performance, productivity, and safety of this straddle crane by implementing a total machine control system. A patented, coordinated four-wheel steering system is revolutionary in the industry.

Using an application specific, closed-loop software program with rotary position sensors on each wheel, the master controller ensures accurate wheel position to enable the four-wheel steering methods. Spotters are no longer needed with the integration of radio remote control technology into the master controller, which allows the operator to walk freely around the entire machine and still maintain full control of the straddle crane.

Coordinated winch lift operations are now accomplished using position sensors communicating multiple positions to the master controller resulting in a smooth, even lift for optimized load distribution. Using J1939 CAN communication, the engine performance is monitored and maximum efficiency is achieved.

Rotation drives – Steering large marine travel lifts were accomplished with Hydraulic Gear Drives. Eskridge planetary gear drives provide the reliability and performance needed in demanding mobile and industrial applications.  In combining the Eskridge planetary drives (Gear Box and Brakes), with electric or hydraulic motors GS Global Resources gave our OEM customer the most dependable and efficient solution in swing, drive and lift applications. Boom rotation, slewing drives, winch drives, demolition equipment and conveyor drives are just some of the applications our planetary gear drives and multi-disc brakes are used in.

Mobile Straddle Crane