Efficient Print Ink Filtration (Schroeder Industries)

The filtration emphasis with ink filtration is the removal of particles caused by numerous factors like resin, dirt, and pigment anomalies. Schroeder Industries carries a wide choice of filter (filtration) products to eliminate print defects, fish-eyes, lumps, splatter, starbursts, etc. Clogged print nozzles from particulate contamination will lead to print defects and poor print quality.

Efficient print ink filtration can be complex. For instance, the ink must be filtered at a level that removes the oversized particulate BUT allows the pigment to pass through the filter and remain in solution. Schroeder Industries recognizes the complexity involved and with highly selective (classifying) particulate removal.

Schroeder recommends 50-100 ┬Ám bag filtration for the solvents and resin, and absolute rated pleated/depth filter post mixing reactor.

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Efficient Print Ink Filtration (Schroeder Industries)