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1x Linde Hydraulics HPV 210-02 E1 (pump)
2x Linde Hydraulics HMA 280-02 (tandem motor)
1x Linde Hydraulics VD18 (crossover relief valve block)


  • High conversion range
  • Simplified drivetrain
  • Robust units with excellent control dynamics
  • High torque and comparatively high speeds


  • Motors can be actuated individually
  • Both motors can be swiveled to 0 cc/rev

The key feature of Linde series 02 high-pressure motors is that they have a PTO drive shaft thanks to the swash plate design. This means that two or more motors can be combined in tandem. With an identical gearbox interface and the same rotating speeds, they offer twice the displacement and therefore twice the torque and power. Compared to individual motors with identical nominal sizes, they have smaller dimensions and higher potential speeds, even compared to bent-axis motors. The rear motor also has a PTO option, which means the tandem motor can be directly integrated into the drivetrain or a speed sensor can be fitted. An electronic control unit actuates the motors and the pump and offers electronic maximum load regulation of the drive motor.The crossover relief valve is the ideal supplement for the tandem motor. It allows the rapid limitation of the high pressure in the motor, which reduces the load for the remaining hydraulics circuit. It offers additional ports for connecting the rear motor, which reduces the amount of piping in the machine.

Above all, the semi-stationary crusher shown here benefits from the robust design of the motors and the high torque. The result is a continuously high crushing performance with long durability.

The hydraulic components are not only powerful and robust but also allow fast infinitely variable control. As such, the crusher can be adjusted perfectly to the required material, producing consistent results every time. The system can be reversed quickly if there is a blockage in the crushing chamber.

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Crusher | Mining (Linde Hydraulics)